first REAL entry

New diary, new world!

I will start with a little thing I call recent best conversation:

"Look at this. That's just from this morning. My whole windshield was covered in pollen."
"Sperm!!! It is plant sperm!!!"
"........could you imagine cum all over my windshield?"

That same conversation has taken place every time I entered Jenjavitis' car since three weeks ago. That is a lot of repeated words.

Anyway, I had a lot more to say earlier when I was invisioning my new diary. It's been a while since I have felt FREE to write what I FEEL, and damn, it is a paradise.

So, tonight I visited Lulu and Victoria at work, and found a plastic strip with some metal on it. I put it on like a belt, and was the group clown for everyone! (And yet, how I weep inside.) We sat outside the basement door to the warehouse part, and the door was open, so I could peep in at the hot goth man and former-liked-my-boobs-guy putting together bikes. Just barely. Unfortunately it is spring, and I have become man crazy (or maybe just sex crazy) like no other time ever! It's a burden that I wish was gone. I would like to have my innard vagina parts removed, please. I wonder if there are female eunichs?

Today I sat outside during lunch to sun myself, and face the scorn of the receptionist about my pasty skin!! (Lulu's mother calls it "lily white". she is a goddess in mother flesh.) We sat and i ate jello and watched the garage across the street like television, they were cursing and shoving cars into place and sweating and being big burly men. Then I noticied we were sitting right next to a big dead bird. WEST NILE ALERT!!!!!!!! The receptionist was going to call the janitor to take it away, but then she didn't. Some motorists whistled at us. I was wearing baggy cargo pants, and a striped polo. Unsexy at its greatest. My arms are burnt tenderly.

I currently have no reflections on the last few months, when I went so long without writing a good diary entry. I will think long and hard about it.

I will end this diary entry with name ideas for products at my new ice cream parlor, if I were going to do battle with the popular ice cream chain, Carvel.

-Ice Cream the Whale!
-Coldy the Slush Monster!
-Ice Creamy the Scoop of Ice Cream!
-Smooshy the Flying Saucer!
-Phallic the Popsicle!
-SnackVagina the Ice Cream Cake Friend!