Still trying to get back into the swing of things...

Tonight i went to a wake for Lulu's grandmother, who lived with them and was old and pretty mentally gone. I have nothing much to say about it, other than it was my first one and it was sad and scary and i was only there for about 15 minutes because i sort of freaked out and had to go. At least I could hug the family and pay my respects, but maybe i should have prayed out of respect. Ugh. It all depends on what I really believe about God and death, though, right? I don't know that death is all that bad a thing. but life isnt too shabby either!! DOn't worry, I am not going to go out and kill myself! I am too afraid i will be dressed in a fru-fru Laura Ashley dress when i am buried. Make sure i am rock-a-riffic at burial, please!!!

over the weekend, i got the best black leather velcro sneaker-shoes. They are pure tard shoes, i love them to death. i also love my friends.

i havea sore throat. For about an hour i was seriously traumatized with the fact that I might have West NIle, as I spent all last week sitting out and eating lunch by a dead, mowed up crow. Turns out West Nile needs mosquitos to be transferred to humans. PHEW!! Relief. i have not developed any itchy bumps yet that declare a bug has lunched upon me. I am still hoping i get to stay out of work tomorrow. and i would get thursday off too! i am happy with my irresponsibleness.

i took glam photos of myself tonite, for fun. i look like a rock star. i should be gothed out more often. i am hot with a bit of eye makeup.

this is yet another bad entry. Love me please! i will get better soon.