work entry, i am bad.


It is free, can you believe that? and also this summer, if all goes well, I will be seeing Radiohead at the Liberty Science Museum in the Jersey City. I hope they are playing in the Planetarium, it would be like a crazy planetary drug trip!!! Plus I would get to take the light rail there. THat excites my sister most of all. The light rail stops at Bayonne, the ghetto Jersey City mall, and the Liberty Science Center. Not a very useful form of transport. But it looks very clean and new and fun. And light. This is going to be a summer of musical festivities. I hope!!

If your stomach girgles really loudly, a fun thing to say is "excuse me, that was my gut. It is haunted by the ghost of meals past!!!!" That statement led me to think up a terrific idea for a movie, about a cannibal whose toilet is haunted!!!! That is funny huh?