for your eyes only


-Teenage Fan Club

-GBV, Rainer Maria, Jon Spencer ET AL at the Siren Fest

-Radiohead at Liberty State Park

-Enuff-Znuff, Warrant, and Poison at the PNC Arts Center!!

If you are at any of these, you will surely be able to spot me. I'll be the ugly blob of a blonde girl with a pocket full of wishes and a heart of gold.

BTW, I am totally not kidding about the Warrant one. I had joked a lot about going for like the last 3 weeks, so Jenjavitis went and bought me a ticket. My jaw dropped. IT WILL BE SO AWESOME!!!!! I am a people-watcher extraordinaire, and I can think of no funnier people to watch the goings on of than metal fans of these 1987-hey-day bands. (Actually, I have never heard Enuff-Znuff that I know of. Vinnie tells me they are sort of legit. IS THIS TRUE??? Darnit.) It should certainly inspire me to great things. I bet there will be lots of neon, and hopefully a lot of old boobies showing.

Here is a good question: if you could shoot one of the ladies of the Moulin ROuge, and live with the rest of them, which one would it be and why? I would shoot Pink, because she is trash through and through. On the other hand, Lil Kim has wandered her way into my affection. I hope she will adopt me, and then I can inherit some of her pasties. I really want someone to teach me how to twirl my boobies, individually, with tassles on!!!

I was listening tonight to Elliot Smith (XO), and thinking of how the last time I really listened to it was twice through, while laying in the arms of a small mohawked Mexican boy by the nickname of Bernie. (he got that nickname from a girl who was tripping one night, and she suddenly exclaimed, "ERNIE....BERNIE. You look like Bert and Ernie!!!") N-E WAY, you'd think that would totally ruin the album for me, but it really hasn't, I still love it. Bernie actually ruined all of the Go Sailor album for me, as he co-opted all the songs in order to fondly (QUITE FONDLY) remember his best friend, OFTEN. Dickwad. Then he became infatuated with girl pop and told me his dream was to be in band called "Miss Kitty and the Flaming Tigers", and to wear kitty ears at every show. You'd have thought I would have been clued into something, huh? But no. And then let's take Paddy, who I spent a good year or two infatuated with, despite the fact that he quite gleefully recounted to me tales of bathhouses and the infamous "80 man orgy". And then there was the young stud in the subway on Friday, who I was openly checking out, until I noticed the finger of the guy next to him securely in the butt pocket of his jeans!!!! I think my gaydar is broken. Or like, in reverse, where I inevitably find myself attracted to men who would prefer to suckle upon the penis of Jude Law than hold hands and walk twin dogs with me in the park.

I have a special treat:

Damn. That totally would look a lot better (well, in a crappy sort of way) had I not gotten soooo sleepy about halfway through. PS: Do you like my little pink fashionista that I drew?? DON'T FALL IN LOVE WITH HER, SHE IS SURELY A BITCH!!!!

PPS: Happy belated Bloomsday!! I celebrated the day in style last Thursday like Molly Bloom; i.e. lazying around, eating bon-bons, and daydreaming of past sexual exploits. WAIT, that is no celebration, that is like everyday!!! Except exchange the bon-bons for pork rinds and chiclets.