do you like fun?

My eyes are sleepy and slowly closing so this may be quite quick. I was crocheting for awhile today, and I think I have old persons' eyes now, cause they are all achey and not focusing correctly. I used to think to myself, "well, at least I have 20/20 vision!" and it would brighten my day. Now I fear, my days will be dark and dank 4-ever.

This morning I got up early to go to the Yarn Store with my mother. It was a mother/daughter festival. I realized what I really love about arts and crafts is color. I bought about 6 skeins of this varigated wool yarn in green, brown, and gold, and plan to make some sort of garb out of it eventually, WHEN I ACTUALLY LEARN HOW TO KNIT. It will probably be booties and mittens and a scarf, and like one of those horrible bulky sweaters that the family knitter always makes for members of their extended family. I will place a doggie or a teddie bear on the front of each one, and if you are special i will knit a mallard.

Later today I ate a lot and bought skincare products to turn my nasty skin into wondrous skin. Last night Dena told me it was "peaches and cream" skin. Yummy. maybe peaches and cream with ACNE ALL OVER IT. Yeah, why don't vegetables ever get pimples???

I had LOBSTER for dinner tonight. Unfortunately, it was not my rich, soon-to-die old husband who bought it for me. I am going to hang out at the Ruth's Chris bar area and find me someone ready to wear a ring. One of them has got to like boobies, right??

I'm feeling a little more part of this world lately, what with hearing from Padraig and seeing my sister a little more often. Padraig is one of those spark of life type of people, where you talk to him and think "here is someone who is really alive and can actually function". Not like he is not going through his rough spots, but he might actually follow through with some of his hair-brained schemes, unlike 99% of everyone else. We tried to write a romance novel once about a southern belle after the Civil War. We dedicated a notebook to it and everything, cause we was gonna be famous romance novelists a la Jackie Collins or somesuch, but then I think we started spending our writing time going to square dances and poker games. Yes, square dances. He lived with a square dance band, in their pantry. I KID YOU NOT.

I like cutting: i've been kind of worried that sara and bryan might be disappointed by the lack of protected memory in the OS 9 but I think X will take care of that NICELY!!!!
your AIM pal: you are such a good friend to be worried about them
I like cutting: No. I am worried about Apple.
your AIM pal: no, face it , you are a decent human being
I like cutting: NOOOO
I like cutting: A decent human being with luv fo Apple
I like cutting: besides, it would be embarassing to me, you know?

yesterday the cat had toothpaste on her little fuzzy pantalones, or butt area, beacuse she likes to sit on the sink while i brush my teef. This toothpaste had been there for a couple days, though. EVerything in this house, even the cat, is unhygenic.

oh, anyway, I feel more a part of this world because it feels like options are open to me again. I felt trapped like a trapped bear, the only way out to chew my own hand off!! AND I DONT EVEN EAT MEAT!!!!!!!* AND ALSO, the tendons are pretty gross and chewy, I really hate grisle. Now I feel as if the trap has opened up, and maybe I can actually do something fun and correct my anti-socialness. I have been paying more attention to the things I say and trying to be quicker with humor and stuff so I can be a beloved conversationlist. It is not quite working yet! I will have to practice on Robin, my work friend. She is the most vain person I have ever met, yet the more good-hearted. If you ever find Sally Hansen chrome nailpolish, please ship it to her immediately. Anyway, I will designate her as expendable. After all, she took me to Chi-Chi's and said she LOOOOOOVED it. CHI-CHI'S SUCKS BIG TIME CRAPOLA!!!! MY TONGUE AND STOMACH WILL NEVER FORGIVE ME IN THIS LIFETIME!!!!!!

Tomorrow I plan to crash "Cruisin with the Oldies," an old car show in my town. Every year we drive through for about a half hour yelling at people. I am very mature (read it like "ma-toor". people who actually pronounce it like that, I KILL YOU A THOUSAND DEATHS. Also, "shedule").i forget the kinds of things we say. it is pretty funny. the same event was going on 4 years ago the weekend of my senior prom, and we made the limo driver go down the street. People kept yelling "HAVE FUN, KIDS!!!" and we waved and yelled "WE WILL HAVE A LOT OF SEX!!!" But actually, there was no sex, only staying up all night, boxing in the Moonwalk, going to the diner at 4:00 am, and watching the sunrise at the beach. It's not very romantical to watch the sunrise at the beach, despite what the majority of America thinks. It kills your eyes. Plus, it is so cliche!! OR maybe I am just an unromantic. I have lately realized all the cons of getting married. I REFUSE TO 4-EVER!!!!

I write like a 12 year old. Maybe I can get a job at Nat Geo World, writing pretend letters to the editor. "PLEASE MORE STORIEZ ABOUT AMINALS!!! I LUV EM!!!!" Or, I can drink this pain away.


*That is a lie.