Nothing yet again. I need adventures.

SAN-X is a new obsession!!!! Thanks to Emilbee, my beloved sister. San-X is Sanrio's twin, but has an X in the name, which makes it that much better, because:

  • X means X-rated!

  • X means Generation X, aka GEN X, aka MY GENERATION!! Meaning, Sanrio for MY GENERATION!!!!

  • X like Malcolm X!! This shit is radical!!!

I hope my reasons to love it were awesome enough for you. Now it's picture time.

This is a Buru Buru. Buru Buru means "shivering in cold and fear"!!!! HAHAHAHAH THAT IS SO SAD AND KYOOT, I WANT TO DIE.

It is Kogepan!! I think he is a bread man or something. Made of bread.

POTE HAMU IS MY HAMSTER FRIEND. I love Pote Hamu to pieces, I love it so much I want to cuddle it to my breasts and nurse it.


Sushi Cats!!! THEY ARE ADORABLE!!!

MORE BURU BURU!!! I kid. it is me. Do I really look like this? I think not. Ugh.

That is all for pictures FOR NOW. I have not much to report about my life as it is going, because it is going boringly. Robin the receptionist has taken me under her wing, and is turning me into a ditz. HOW I LOVE IT. I learn valuable lessons from her, like how to get men to do things for you. It is a pretty simple lesson, just be cute and act weak and dumb. It fools them every time. EVIL ME IS KATE.

Umm. This weekend I am going to get some yarn so I can crochet strange stuffed animals and beanies. I continuously burn my mouth on cinnamon Tic Tacs. It is my new hobby.

I have not sat out by the bird recently. I do not know if it has bio-degraded or not. Tomorrow I will eat jello and hope for rain.

I like that picture of me, because it makes me look roly poly and sad at the same time.