Boring, but I am updating frequently!

I am sick today. It is an awful feeling, as if I am trying to swallow a whole lot of thorns and cough up a hairball at the same time.

TOday, I did stuff and watched a movie, What Women Want. It was predictably condescending and bad. I thought if Mel tried to read my thoughts he would get confused, cause I don't think in any straight statements really. It's like, single words and pictures and stuff. And it would be all jumbled, like "I am hungry. Mmm bagel. THat yellow color is pretty. My butt hurts. I really like Dostoevsky. Is that a chunk of watermelon? i'm horny." actually it would probably be more confused than that, and perhaps most of the time, less interesting. ANyway, I thought to spice that movie up, it should be like Mel can only hear the thoughts of scitzophrenics. or babies. Babies are cute!!

Tomorrow I am going to work, even though I am sick. Ugh. Afterwards I am going out for a romantic dinner at Denny's and a slide show by the folks that bring you Weird NJ. Excitement!! I hope to meet some hot mens. Well, I am not too concerned about that actually. I am just excited because I get THURSDAY off of work, even though i have to go to the GYNOCOLOGIST who will no doubt chastise my vagina hygiene. JUST KIDDING FOLKZ! I am not filthy, I think. I am sort of nervous, but overall ready for some extra sleep.

Today I saw a baby kitty adopt a pantyhose as her baby. Awww.

I am going to go write some poerty now, and then sleep so my throat doesn't keep botherin me!! I also want to find a sweater. Maybe someday, I will write something excellent here.


In other news, I lost the keyboard nipple from my laptop. What a nightmare!