I have determined that the only people who try to pick me up are drug addicts, financial aid officers, and butch waitresses.

I spent the day in the city and saw a bizarre French movie called "WIth a Friend Like Harry". It was funny but long and drawn out, I warn you. I bet an Americanized version of it will be out in a few years, and I just might like that American version better.


I also picked up an issue of my favorite magazine, Bust. Part of its greatness, as my sister determined, is because it actually has ads for stuff that I might want to buy, ie fun clothing and vibrators. Lots and lots of vibrators. More different kinds than you could ever imagine. I plan to create a collection of 40 or so large vibrators and display them in a glass case in my living room. It would make a great conversation piece, and intimidate the hell out of every man I brought into the house. HOORAY! Speaking of, I want to go to Ladyfest. Ladyfest Chicago or Ladyfest East in Northampton, Mass. Chicago sounds like a funner party, but the east one is closer. either way I would celebrate my ladyhood and smash the penis of patriarchy. WOOOOOOO!!!! Sometimes, those things go a little overboard.

I have not much on the party front to report. My sister is a little Cuban-looking gem. We went out for Japanese the other night, that HIbachi style one where they cook it in front of you, and I had this weird episode where I was looking at the raw filet steak sitting in front of me, and it looked so good and raw and juicy, that all I could think was that it looked like sex and I wanted to take a bite out of it. THAT IS SUCH AN INTIMATE THOUGHT I AM NOW SO ASHAMED AND EMBARASSED!!! It is true. I could never be a vegetarian. Unless I got to eat good marinated tempeh all the time. MMMMM tempeh!!!!!

HEY FUCKAHS and today I went to OTHER MUSIC in the city and felt like a moron because I was not into the cool electronica all over the store. i only boguht stuff from the rack labeled "in" and the one labeled "used" (because I am cheap). Songs:Ohia and Cadallaca. I also played "cutest kid in the city" where I judge the fashion of everyone I see and as always, a cute Japanese girl won!!! Every time.

I am so rambly. Hello Kitty's Korean counterpart is "Hello Petty" and "Hello Betty". I want to watch Invader Zim and write a teen movie right now. Tomorrow I plan to stare out the window at work. I bought a skirt this weekend that makes my butt look sexy. what a miracle.

A fun thing to say when you are hanging out, and someone asks what you want to do, is "let's go pick berries". It is a riot everytime!!!!

I am thinking I want to forego the whole being wealthy thing right now, quit my job, and become a writer. I miss being poor and having nothing to do but shit around with people and worry about rent. Sad but true. I WANT TO BE YOUNG AND CAREFREE. Whenever i have money I tend to feel worse about myself. My money siutation may soon change tho because I am going to buy a car soon. THe main requirement for my future car is that it must look like a toy. So far the choices are Volkswagon bug and PT Cruiser. I am such a shit, I really would buy a car based on looks. Like how I voted for George W. Bush because he was hot and looked fun.

Some dude snorted cocaine in the Angelika theater bathroom today while I was waiting to pee. I doubt that is the first time. There is a place on the internet where you can mail order pot. Does it really work???????