Tonight I have a moment of tiredness. I have had insomnia the past few days for who knows what reason, unless it is an effect of the P-I-L-L. Which reminds me, everytime I mention to someone that I am taking the pill, they ask me somewhat incredulously "WHO YOU FUCKIN????" And last night the grocery clerk told me I looked like Tori Spelling. What a week of sadness.

I did have a nice conversation with an older lady about sex and bein' a woman today at lunch. It is nice to see someone who shares similar views with me, or views I aspire to have at least. Right now she is messin' with the carpet man who will lay carpet in the new office before we move in. She tells me he looks like the Hispanic cop from CHIPS, only Italian. THere was also a funny exchange:
She: "He has scars all over his legs and knees from like surgery or something. He should never wear shorts."
Me: "Oh. hahaha" You see, at this point I was thinking "how did you see his legs?" but i did not ask because I guess I do not flow conversation well, but also I didn't want to offend her buy asking.
She, 5 minutes later: "Actually Kate, I didn't see his legs cause he was wearing shorts...." hahahah she wanted badly to tell me about it. Then she told me there is a white runner carpet that he needs to label "used" now. hahahahaha

Tonight I ate at a glitzy French restaurant and had escargot for the first time. I was sort of repulsed at first because some of them actually looked like snails, but then I thought about some of the other things I have put in my mouth and it was OK. They tasted rubbery and from the sea. They were sittin' in a buttery sauce that was tasty. It was a meal from heaven. I would describe my meal, but that would get a little too erotic for this journal. Food=erotic. It does.

Best part of the meal hands down was listening to the couple sitting across from our table. They were two fairly attractive older people, on their first date. The older guy was so incredibly boring (he sounded like a mixture of Telly Sevalis and Ben Stein, when Ben is droning) but obviously EXTREMELY wealthy, and the woman kept getting tongue tied all the time. I really wish I had had a notebook to write down the things I overheard, but this is all I remember. THey were discussing apples, and at first I thought they were talking about the computers, but then I realized they meant the fruit. The guy at one point said "Macintosh. Crisp, cool, firm." It was sort of erotic, but they were like going through and describing all these different kinds of apples!!! aNd the woman was all worried that he wasnt going to ask her out on a second date, but he was soooo increidbly boring. (I really need to show through description rather than statements. That is the first rule of writing. Ugh. I AM A WRITING REBEL.)

I had many beautiful thoughts today. I write these things too late to be awake enough to remember them. I must start writing in this at work. the big news is I may be moving out soon. The frightening news is I don't know where!!!!!!

no one really reads this anymore, it is frightening. I guarantee you that half of my stats are me, reading it from various places. I have lost my journaling chutzpah. I NEED TO START LIVING LIFE!!!!

if anyone can get me a jud-jud 7", i will live in your heart forever. Like a little heartworm, full of love.