umm, dumbness

Interesting developments today, well for me at least, especially coming on the heels of my little "tantrum" (as I like to call it) from the other day. A quick trip to the 7-11 (THE ANTI-WAWA), running into an ex-coworker from a few years ago who I had always hoped to impress (a dyed-black haired indie hotstuff prince...ugh stereotype i know, but hotstuff nonetheless) and voila! drinks tomorrow night. I was in an uncharacteristically smooth talking mode. We discussed Otto Dix (god i am such an art fag) and his portrait of that German lady that Eekika retitled "(cough)...I smoke." (you know the one.) I guess this expensive skin care stuff and makeup infuses even my brain!!! I AM BECOMING LOVEABLE ON THE INSIDE TOO!!!!

And just now getting a re-establishment of email contact with a favorite old flame from college. Actually, not old flame but i think that phrase is funny, and now that I am almost 23, I feel old enough and entitled to use it. A certain someone that I always came THAT close to throwing down on the bed and savaging. Writing "is it true what i hear about you maybe moving to chicago?" THAT NEWS IZ 5 MONTHS OLD BUCKO. and yet, canterbury court apartments is still calling my name..."kaaaate......come sleep in a closet kitchens are dirty....i have cockroaches and a surly front attendent who wears brown lip liner.......hellooooooooo." And this just brings added intrigue. Plus my loveable pal Paddy working on a tour boat at Navy Pier. LOVE HIM! He is the cuddly one without an Irish accent. I once spent a magical evening with him walking arm and arm in Wrigleyville...feeding him pistachio ice cream. I was magically entranced by the moment, while Paddy was dreaming wistfully of a certain Irish ex-priest...

speaking of stuff. my cat is currently burying her head in my cleavage. Oh how cute, she thinks she's people.

HEY before I forget, my grinnell webmail account is being laid to rest tomorrow. All further correspondance to me should be sent to the email address indicated below this diary entry. DO NOT SEND SAPPY AS SHIT FORWARDS.