Adventures in sitting

My cat has taken to biting my face in order to get my attention. WHat a little sweetheart. I should start doing that at work.

Here are some amusing stories about dietary restrictions:

- The favorite food of my friend's rabbi was ham and cheese sandwiches.
- My dad used to work with a vegetarian. Everyone at his work used to go to pizza every Friday. Once, someone asked the vegetarian if they could order a split pizza with him, one half vegetables and the other half pepperoni. The vegetarian says to him, "Let me put my answer this way. If I asked to order a split pizza with you, and I wanted dog shit and cockroaches on my half, would you order it with me?"
- Murdi is a new guy at work from India. He is Hindu. On his first day, we all went out to eat at one of those Japanese restaurants where they cook the food right in front of you. Murdi ordered vegetables, everyone else at his table ordered steaks. EVerything was grilled on the same tables. Poor Murdi. Murdi didn't eat. He stared at his food. HIS FIRST DAY!!!! What a way to start. That day, I overdosed on kimchi.

I stared out the window a lot at work today again. I am supposed to be writing something about how and where to place Virtual Private Networking devices on your local area network, but it is boring. I think I may want to be an architect now. I really like spaces, and how light works, and windows. And structural stuff, like how to support weight. I love puzzles like that. I just don't want to be responsible for smooshing anyone with a errant wall!!! Maybe I should stick to something harmless, like being a bomb-maker.

THere is going to be an art party/music fest at Coney Island in July, sponsored by the Village Voice!!!! I am going with my sister, Vinnie, and Hubert. Hubert made the mistake once of complaining to my sister that the only nickname for Hubert was "Hoight". So Emily thought up the nickname for him: "Huberty". I love my sister a lot. That nickname is second only to "Gormley's, with marshmellow brow", that was the nickname of this kid Steve Gormley, who had huge eyebrows. His name sounds like a cereal!

Man oh man. time to listen to some nighttime music by TOBIN SPROUT apres I fall to pieces. THere is more time for lovin tomorrow, on which day I will no doubt tell a tale of everyone's favorite recurring character, Lulu, my friend who gets sodomized by married men!!!!!!!!!!! Or Paddy, dear little Paddy.